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Answered Frequently Asked Questions about Tire Pressures 

Owning a vehicle requires a lot of attention and care. One of the many things that car owners should be very much mindful of is the appropriate Tire pressure. Perfect tire pressure is not only important for the vehicle’s performance but also ensures safety and offers an enjoyable driving experience. As per a few studies, different car types have different car tires, and each type requires pressure, as mentioned by the manufacturer. One more factor that contributes highly to tire pressure is temperature or the type of weather your car is operating in. In this blog, we answer some of the commonly asked questions. So, let us begin. 

How do we know if the tire has perfect pressure? 

Check your tire pressure frequently to ensure that all four tires are in perfect condition after learning the optimum tire pressure for your car from the manufacturer. You can measure your tires’ pressure at home, at the technician, at petrol stations, and in auto part stores. 

How Can Proper Tire Inflation Be Maintained? 

It is advised to check the pressure in your tires after a temperature change of 10F (5.6C) and after every two to three weeks to ensure the best performance of your vehicle. 

How Does the Pressure of the Tires Affect Driving? 

Major issues could arise if your car tires need to be appropriately inflated. In fact, overinflated and underinflated tires both have their own negative impact on your vehicle’s performance. Studies show that tires with more than required pressure or less than required pressure can burst and cause accidents. 

What is the Relation between Tire wear and pressure? 

The pattern of tire wear and tear is directly determined by the contact patch. Because of an overinflated or underinflated tire, you don’t want your tires to break down too soon. 

How does fuel economy impact tire pressure? 

This is a very common question frequently asked by tire owners. The simple answer to this question is that fuel economy is very much dependent on tire pressure. The better your tire pressure is, the greater your fuel economy will be. 

What Tire Pressure Is Perfect for Any Car? 

Usually, this is mentioned by the car manufacturers. The latest vehicles come with a leaflet that clearly mentions the exact tire pressure your car will give the best performance. 

Where can I purchase high-quality tires? 

Tires and More, the best tire company in Dubai, offers a wide selection of tires from Bridgestone tires, Hankook tyres, Dunlop tyres, and more to meet your specific needs. Their expert staff can assist you in finding the perfect set of tires for your vehicle, ensuring safety, performance, and peace of mind on the road. 


After answering the above-mentioned questions, we are pretty sure that we have removed some of the very common confusion about tire pressure. In a nutshell, always watch for tire pressure signs on your dashboard. Check pressure either at home or a mechanic store. Keep yourself handy with tools for checking pressure. Purchase high-quality tires from Tires and More to maintain your car’s performance.