Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Tires and More, a prominent tyre shop in Dubai, offers the best wheel alignment and balancing services in the UAE. Our knowledgeable staff of experts works to increase the usefulness of your tyres by extending their lifespan.

By correcting the inclinations of the wheels to the set recommendations, the wheel alignment service ensures that the wheels are aligned to one another and straight to the ground. We examine and adapt several components, including the caster, camber, and toe, to ensure they are all within the recommended tolerances.

In general, aligning your wheels is a crucial maintenance job that can increase a car’s performance, safety, and longevity. The finest, fastest, and most reasonable wheel alignment services are available from the Tires and More online store for car tires Dubai.

Benefits of Tyre Alignment

Superior Steering and Handling

Driving and controlling the car will be easier if the wheels are positioned correctly. As a result, the ride will be more efficient and comfortable.

Extended Tyre Life

The tyres wear out unevenly, and premature wear and tear results from improper wheel alignment. Your tyres' lifespan can be increased with proper alignment, which will ultimately cost less.

More Efficient Use of Fuel

Wheel misalignment can make a car work more to go ahead, which reduces fuel efficiency. The car will travel more efficiently with appropriate alignment, resulting in better fuel economy.

Increased Safety

When the wheels are properly aligned, the car will be more stable and easier to maneuver. This will increase the car's safety and reduce the possibility of accidents.

The Need for Wheel Alignment Services

A wheel alignment can help you drive straight and save tyre wear if potholes, rough terrain, or other seasonal traffic conditions have damaged your car.

The alignment of a car can alter quite quickly. Your car’s suspension and steering parts can be harmed by poor roads, obstructions, and even ordinary driving. If you restore your wheels to their former specs, tire wear will be more consistent, and fuel efficiency will be at its peak.

Signs You Need a Tire Alignment

  • If your car hasn’t received routine maintenance like alignment and balancing in a year.
  • Your vehicle could have rammed into an unanticipated object, driven over a bump, or driven through a pothole, among other potential obstacles.
  • You elevate or stow your vehicle.
  • You recently bought new tyres.
  • You observe an off-center steering wheel, uneven tyre wear, or tugging of the steering wheel.

Signs of Misalignment

  • Your wheels may track in one way while you are driving.
  • An uneven wear pattern on your tires
  • Whenever there is a bump, your front-end shakes, or sways.
  • The balance of your steering wheel is off when traveling straight.

What Exactly Is Included in A Car Alignment Service?

Our skilled technicians will perform a precision alignment procedure and check for inconsistent tyre wear using state-of-the-art technological devices. This ensures the steering wheel is in the middle and the tires are all parallel to and level against the pavement.