Oil Services

Oil Change and Lubrication Services Dubai

In order to preserve the effectiveness and fuel efficiency of your vehicle, Tires and More best tyre shop in Dubai offers oil maintenance and lubrication services in the UAE. We only use oil and lubricant standards that are advised. Pure synthetic oil is frequently used in services. This stops dangerous debris from penetrating the engine’s body. At Tires and More, it’s a service rather than an oil change. First, a superior filter and oil are installed by our knowledgeable specialists. We’ll assess the performance of the components in your automobile after performing our complimentary True Service Check.

Why You Must Get Oil Services Often

There are various reasons why oil services are vital. Your engine’s old oil is flushed out and replaced with fresh, clean oil for routine car maintenance. The oil filter must frequently be updated as part of this service to help with oil cleaning as it passes through the engine. Initial lubrication of the engine’s moving parts by the oil helps to prevent damage and prolong engine life. If left unchecked, the oil’s effectiveness may decline, and your engine may suffer consequences. The oil may become contaminated by debris, such as dirt and foreign items over time.

Increased Efficiency and Performance

Routine oil changes also enhance your car's efficiency and overall performance. Your engine may need to exert more effort than necessary due to old or unclean oil, which may decrease fuel efficiency and make your automobile appear slow.

Standing Warranty & Maintenance

You must maintain your car's warranty to prevent expensive repairs. To protect your warranty, adhere to the specified oil maintenance and repair schedule many motor manufacturers provide. You can avoid serious engine damage and pricey repairs by getting regular oil changes.

Standard Guidelines for Prolonged Performance

You can maintain your car's performance and protect your investment over time with routine oil changes, which are quick and easy to execute. Most mechanics advise changing your oil between 3k to 5k miles or every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer's guidelines and how you drive.

What's Included in Oil Maintenance and Lubrication Services?

  1. Premium Pennzoil Oil & New Premium Filter that satisfies or surpasses your vehicle’s guarantee requirements.
  2. Services Conducted by Our Licensed Automotive Mechanics.
  3. True Service Inspection Evaluation Card.