Terms And Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 27 May 2018.

Legislation and rules

Customers and website users accept our policies, rules, and usage directives. The terms and conditions on this page bind everyone who uses our services or visits our website. This section is important reading for everyone who visits Tires and More. You are assumed to accept these terms if you keep using our website.

Provisions for Cookies

To stay current on the latest technological changes, cookies are necessary. Tires and More uses cookies to improve interactivity on our website. Without cookies, users can move between the same website’s sections. If you continue to use the website, you may have given your authorization for the cookies to be used. You automatically accept our privacy policy by using the website.

Owner of Intellectual Property

The company’s exclusive property is the Tires and More website’s content, documents, original artwork, photographs, photos, logos, and text. As a result, we forbid the works from being imitated, distributed, or presented in any way. If they behave unethically, they’ll be promptly blacklisted.

Trying to Link Within

Using links to our website or other website content is unlawful to mislead users into thinking that a third party is endorsing or promoting a product or service. Among the respectable organizations that may link to our website are governmental bodies, the press, online directories that support the Tires and More Website, and network-approved businesses. We also offer the above-mentioned enterprises and hyperlinking that is request-based and approval-based.


To remove URLs that violate our policies, only the Tires and More websites can be modified. Furthermore, we retain the right to change these conditions at any time and on any pages that link to them. If you continue doing business with us after they go into effect, we’ll consider that you’ve accepted the changes.

Personal Responsibility

Tires and More’s website explicitly disclaims any responsibility for user disputes and false information. Any alterations to our content published on the website shouldn’t be used against us.