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Welcome to Tires and More, a trusted tyre shop in the UAE. We offer the largest collection of branded tires in the country and provide an extensive range of automobile services stated below:

1. Wheel Alignment

Ensure your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned for optimal handling and tire longevity. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians will get you back on the road with precision alignment.

What’s included?

  • A thorough inspection of your vehicle’s wheel alignment, checking for misalignment issues.
  • We use advanced alignment equipment to ensure precise adjustments, including camber, caster, and toe settings.
  • If misalignments are detected, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to bring your wheels back into proper alignment.
  • We perform a test drive to verify that your vehicle handles smoothly, and the steering is responsive.

2. Brakes

Trust our experts to inspect, repair, or replace your brakes to ensure your safety on the road. We use high-quality brake components and provide professional brake services.

What’s included?

  • New brake rotors
  • Installation of different parts by skilled mechanics
  • Caliper servicing (cleaning & lubricating of caliper slides)
  • Bleeding of brake fluid system
  • New brake pads

3. Oil Services

Regular oil changes are vital for engine health. We offer fast and efficient oil change services with a selection of top-grade oils to suit your vehicle’s needs.

What’s included?

  • Premium Pennzoil oil & new premium filter that meets or exceeds your car warranty standards
  • Service performed by our certified automotive technicians
  • True service inspection report card

4. Mobile Tyre Services

Convenience at your doorstep! Our mobile tire service brings tire installation, repair, and replacement to you wherever you are. No more hassles with flat tires or worn treads.

What’s included?

  • We mount and balance new tires on your vehicle, ensuring proper fitment.
  • If you have a punctured or damaged tire, our technicians can repair it when possible.
  • Tire replacement
  • Tire pressure check

5. Mobile Battery Services

Don’t get stranded due to a dead battery. Our mobile battery service delivers and installs reliable batteries, ensuring your vehicle starts when you need it to.

  • Battery diagnostic test to determine the condition of your current battery.
  • If your battery is deemed faulty or needs replacement, we’ll deliver a new, reliable battery directly to your location.
  • Our experts will professionally install the new battery in your vehicle.
  • Testing and Charging system inspection

Why Choose Tires and More?

Experienced Technicians

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Convenient Mobile Services

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If potholes, gravel roads and other winter conditions have taken a toll on your vehicle, a wheel alignment can ensure you’re driving straight and reducing tire wear.

It doesn’t take much to knock a vehicle out of alignment: potholes, curbs and even regular everyday driving can take a toll on your vehicle’s suspension system and steering components. Ensuring your wheels are adjusted back to factory spec will help your tires wear evenly and you get the best fuel economy possible.

A wheel alignment is recommended when:​

• New tires are installed

• You experience uneven tire wear, steering pull, or an off-center steering wheel

• Your vehicle has had an accident or a hard impact with a curb, potholes or road debris

• You lower or lift your vehicle

• Your vehicle drives on all-season or all-weather tires year-round, and it’s been a 1-2 years since your last alignment service


• It feels like your vehicle is pulling to one side while you’re driving

• Uneven tread wear on your tires

• Your front-end shimmies or vibrates after hitting a bump

• Your steering wheel is off-centered when driving straight


Our certified technicians will conduct an inspection for uneven tire wear and perform a precision alignment service, using state-of-the-art computerized technology. This ensures all four wheels are parallel and sitting flat on the road, and that your steering wheel is centered.




When you need brake work, trust our trained technicians to do the best job at the best price. We offer highly-competitive pricing, only use parts that meet or exceed OE (original equipment) specifications, and provide an industry leading warranty. With easy-to-understand, all-inclusive packages, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the work being performed without any surprise costs. Contact us for a fast, no-obligation estimate for your vehicle.


• New brake pads

• New brake rotors

• Installation of parts by trained technicians

• Caliper servicing (cleaning & lubricating of caliper slides)

• Bleeding of brake fluid system



Well, it isn’t just an oil change, it’s an oil service. First, our certified technicians install premium oil and a premium filter. Then we perform our free True Service Inspection and give you a report card on the condition of your vehicle’s key components.


1.   Premium Pennzoil Oil & New Premium Filter that meets or exceeds your car warranty standards

2.   Service Performed By Our Certified Automotive Technicians

3.   True Service Inspection Report Card

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