Professional Car Brake Services and Repair

Our brake specialists at Tires and More, the best tyre shop in Dubai, offer economical, high-quality repair work. A vehicle’s brakes are an essential safety feature. Every service should include a check of the brake system, and anyone not properly trained, experienced, and using the most up-to-date electronic diagnostic and service tools should avoid tampering with it. Only a skilled mechanic should perform brake repairs. Tires and More professionals provide outstanding car brake services in the UAE and are renowned for their remarkable work and customer service. We have a broad selection of brake replacement components for all common car makes and models. Your brakes will be in excellent condition thanks to our technical proficiency.

What A Brake Service for An Automobile Entails

A car’s brake system comprises brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and brake fluid, which is normally inspected and maintained as part of car brake services. A mechanic will examine the brake rotors and pads as part of the brake service to see whether they need to be changed. Also, they will examine the quantity and quality of the brake fluid and look for any damage or leaks in the braking lines. To ensure optimal operation, the brake callipers will also be limited.

Comprehensive Inspection and Service for Brakes

For the brake system to function correctly and be safe, thorough inspection and maintenance are necessary. Tires and More’s expert and qualified mechanics can guarantee that the car is safe for the driver and passengers by locating and fixing any brake system problems in order to help avoid more significant issues in the future.

Examination Of the Brake Pads

The mechanic will examine the brake pads for wear, thickness, and damage. The brake pads must be replaced if they are worn out.

Checking The Rotors

The mechanic will examine the rotors for wear, warping, and damage. If worn out or distorted, the rotors may need to be resurfaced or replaced.

Examination Of the Callipers

The mechanic will examine the callipers for corrosion, leaks, and appropriate performance. The callipers may need to be fixed or replaced if they are not operating properly.

Examination Of Brake Line

The technician will examine the brake lines for leakage or other damage. The brake lines can require replacement or repair if there are any problems.

Examination Of the Brake Fluid

The mechanic will examine the brake fluid's quantity and quality. It may be necessary to flush and replace the brake fluid if it is dirty or low in volume.

Components Lubrication

The mechanic will lubricate the caliper slides and brake pad backing plates, among other moving components of the brake system.

Components For Cleaning Brakes

The mechanic will clean the brake parts, such as the callipers, rotors, and pads, to eliminate accumulated brake dust or debris.

Driving Test

Following completing the brake repair, the mechanic will put the car through a road test to make sure the brakes are working properly.

Why Get a Car's Brakes Serviced Regularly

Because the brakes are a vital component of a vehicle’s safety system, routine brake maintenance is crucial. When necessary, they enable the driver to slow down and stop the car, preventing collisions and guaranteeing the safety of the driver and passengers. Lack of brake maintenance can result in diminished stopping power, increased stopping distances, and even brake failure, which can be risky and fatal. Regular brake maintenance can help spot possible issues early and prevent more expensive repairs. Brake maintenance should be conducted every 10,000 to 15,000 miles or as advised by the vehicle’s manufacturer.